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Sunsetter PCB And Plate IC

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So it has come to our attention that there's quite a few people that have been basically burned by the sunsetter R2 GB. Charue has recently released the pcb and plate files for this, and while we are in no way responsible for the outcome of this GB - we'd like to help make this right.

Zenclack is working together with wolfy (He's the man that's currently working with Geon for ongoing pcb designs and manufacturing. Check out some of his stuff to try and help make this happen. Since the pcb files are now public, we are only using it as a reference to make sure that it'll work; however, wolfy will be redesigning the pcb so that they're up to his standards. So we're trying to get an feel for is how many pcbs and plates are required. We'll run this as an in-stock so you don't feel like you're getting in on another GB that would burn you. 

This page is just a preliminary page for this product with the interest check below. Hopefully us doing this doesn't turn too many people off to the community, and maybe makes their sunsetter usable again!