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[Preorder] Steeped Oooolong Switches

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Called Oooolong cuz ... tea ... and the stems are really long.  

These are in a transparent bottom colorway that originally was an error in colormatching from JWK. We liked it so much, we're running a round of them. For those of you that have been asking "oooolongs, when?" here it is. Switch specs are exactly the same as the OG oooolongs.

Switch Specifications:

  • Sold in quantities of 10
  • Linear Switch
  • 62g gold plated dual rated 19mm slow spring
  • Milky JWK top housing
  • Nylon bottom housing
  • LONG 13.45mm POM stem
  • Unlubed

We do not recommend filming these as the housing is tight already and could cause issues! However, these switches really shine with some lube!

Please note that renders are slightly different from actual switches. Actual switches pictured with white background.

 Switches are a Preorder and expect to be delivered in December 2023. Please note that delays may occur via logistics and manufacturing.