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[In-stock] PBT Atmosphere

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Based off of layers of the atmosphere in a pretty blue gradient. Compat for multiple layouts (sorry no 6u this time!) As a fellow fan of navy blue and blue toned boards, this gradient will most likely match any one of the blue gradients, as well as your standard neutral colors! 

Each row is supposed to represent a slightly different layer of the atmosphere! 

  • Bottom row - Troposphere where clouds float and planes fly
  • Next Row - Stratosphere where most of the earth's ozone layer is
  • R2 - Mesosphere where meteorites burn up
  • R3 - Thermosphere where satellites are
  • R4 Number Row - Exosphere where the astronauts sometimes are
  • R4 F Row - Outside the earth's orbit, where UFO's could be and where the James webb telescope currently is!

Keycap Specs!

  • PBT
  • Cherry Profile
  • Dye-sub and reverse Dye-sub
  • Support for 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800, Full
  • Support for Alice and Arisu (AV3/AV4 friends this is for you)
  • Manufactured by Milkyway
  • Photo credit to Frank Lee Enomooshiki