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[In-stock] JTK Keycap Trays Standard and Medium

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Clear Polycarbonate keycap trays.

They are stackable for ease of storage.

The Standard Comes in sets of 2!

Standard is 279 x 165mm (11" by 6.5"). These are usually used for lower profile keycap sets that are Cherry, XDA, DCS profile keycaps. 

The Medium comes in just 1 tray. Measurements are 13.5" x 8.25". Compatible with Cherry, XDA, DCS, SA (row 3 only), and DSA profiles. Fits 193 1U keycapsx, 2 ISO enter keys, and a 2u x 2u square (as per jtk tradition with trays) 

Trays are in-stock and ready to ship!