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[In-Stock] Pleiades Subuwu Switches V2

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Pronounced Plee-ah-deez. Themed after PBT Atmosphere in colors and is the linear cousin of Turbulence Switches. Named after the star cluster called the seven sisters - one of the nearest star clusters to earth. This cluster is also known as Subaru, but since this name is already very widely associated with a car brand, we didn't think it would be a great idea to name our switches Subaru. However, subuwu switches sounds cute and is close enough to the real name, that we're having it as an alternative name. 

The Cherry MX black with Kailh stems is one of our favorite switches, and while we don't mind making the switch sometimes... opening double the amount of switches gets tiring. The Pleiades Subuwu Switch has that ever so slight cherry scratch, includes a long pole, and a much more usable spring. Also does not require the use of switch films. 

V2 of these switches fixes the issues that has plagued V1. We believe these switches now embodies the vision we've had of these switches

This switch is dedicated to those that chase the light at night. 


  • Linear
  • 13.9mm long pole
  • 3.3mm travel distance
  • POM Stem
  • PA66 Housing
  • 22mm LONG 63.5g spring
  • Sold in quantities of 10
  • Lightly factory lubed
  • Manufactured by Meirun