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Geekark 9009 Reverse Cangjie

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Geekark 9009 with their new molds! Gone are the uber-smooth keycaps! So far no stem cracking!

Rather than doing another latin + foreign language sublegend, we wanted to switch it up a bit with this set. Due to the frequency of strokes with the Cangjie characters, I think it turned out pretty nicely! If you'll notice, there's an extra tab key included in the base kit for Cangjie reverse.  What this means is if you pick up the cangjie full kit, as well as a hangul alpha kit, you can actually build 2 boards with the caps, if you have a spare enter key. (albeit one would have to be a 60% with split backspace, and the other would have to be something to use a full right shift like a tkl) 

Since we're doing languages as well, I guess we might as well do Hangul as well. 

Photo credit: Frank thank you for the magnificent photos.


The Hangul set is ALPHAS ONLY. Cangjie comes with a full set of mods, but also has an extra tab in case you want to make use of that hangul alpha set. Extra tab will ship when we receive them from GA.