Regarding Subuwu Stems

Regarding Subuwu Stems

Hi All, 

There might be some confusion as to what happened regarding the Subuwu stems. When we prototyped the Subuwu switches, we had originally requested the stem length to be 13.6mm, and we really liked what we received. However, unknown to both us and the manu (this was the work of one of their workers), the prototype used 13.9mm stems instead of 13.6. Our prototype run was a small batch "test run" which we sold a good amount as extras. 

When we received the full manu run, we discovered that the stems were shorter than what was in our prototype test run. After conferring with Meirun, it was discovered that a few things happened.

  • The shrinkage of stems after curing from the 13.6mm stem mold was larger than expected, resulting in 13.4mm stems
  • The worker that was responsible for the molds had used the linear 13.9mm mold for the prototype test run of Subuwu's

Meirun has gone ahead and made new stems for all of our current subuwu switches. It isn't very realistic to open tens of thousands of switches to swap out the stems, so we are mailing out replacement stems to all customers that preordered subuwu's. While this isn't the MOST ideal solution, this is the most expedient and fair to all parties. 

Furthermore, the 13.4mm stems also work very very very well with cherry switches. So if you have extra cherry switches lying around, the 13.4mm is a great stem swap that provides a similar experience to a kailh stem swap. Myself, as well as several customers that have received the new stem have reported that the 13.4mm stems work very well in cherry switches. 

Again, we apologize for this entire situation as we are also at fault for not double checking the prototype stem length, which resulted in a lot of extra hassle for our customers. Thank you all for your understanding and continued support!

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